Error 105 description


When you connect your computer to internet, you expect your computer or laptop to be able to access all websites as soon as you feed the URL information. However, sometimes, this may not happen and you may have to face page loading errors. Many people who use Google Chrome complain that they get error 105 from time to time. Any website may stop loading and an error page may be displayed. Sometimes, refreshing the page multiple times will get you to the website, but this certainly is an annoying problem.

Error 105 causes

Error 105 causes:

Not only in Google Chrome, but also in many browsers, you may get error 1402 err_name_not_resolved. This means that the ip address of the website corresponding to the url name you just typed can't be found. On the internet, every website is given an ip address which uniquely identifies the website. The DNS server is central to the internet and this DNS server is responsible for resolving names. When website urls are fed to this DNS server, it returns the ip address of the website.

Error 1402 implies that there is some problem with the DNS server. It is not wise to assume that DNS server problem will be resolved automatically. It is certain that DNS server is highly robust, but error 1402 may also be caused due to problems with your computer or laptop.

Your Windows firewall may prevent your computer from allowing access to DNS server. It is also possible that there is some confusion regarding identifying DNS servers to use. This can happen if you have multiple connections to the internet using different DNS servers at the same time. Sometimes, even with a single unified connection, you may have this problem.

By following 3 simple steps you can fix Error 105 other related Browsers & registry problems.
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Troubleshooting Error 105

Error 105 is easy to resolve and it doesn't require complex tasks. You should first check your Windows firewall settings. This will give you an idea of whether the browser is prevented from accessing internet. You need to allow all your browser programs to access the internet.

If you have set your computer to use multiple wireless networks as and when they become available, then your computerís ability to access DNS servers may become confused. This can be resolved when you solve the DNS access problem. You should locate your DNS servers by typing ipconfig/all and noting down the dotted numbers. Then, you should change the internet protocol 4 properties for your wireless connection and type the DNS server address to solve error 105.

It is so easy!!!

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Fix Error 105

Recommended Error 105 Solution

Step 1:
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Step 2:
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Step 3:
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